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Company is dedicated to bringing together friends and strangers to experience the magic of community that happens when we gather to share our common passion for knitting.

What is Knitting with Company?

Knitting with Company is a knitting retreat in the truest sense. An experience unlike any other in our knitting lives. We partner with yarn stores that share our notion of community and endorse our vision for these events. We gather in a place that inspires calm and relaxation in order to truly unwind. We bring a few of our designer friends along with us and invite you to bring your friends, too.

We don’t plan any formal classes or instruction. We’re there to knit and to share our knitting with you. Bring one of our designs on your needles and if you need some help, all you have to do is ask. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, demonstrate a technique, explain or clarify a pattern instruction. Or we can just talk about knitting. If you forget a needle or a tool, or change your mind about your project, or need more yarn, our wonderful hosts make sure there’s a pop-up shop with everything you need.

We asked ourselves what our ideal knitting event would look like, and this was the answer. From that conversation, Knitting with Company was born. We believe that time spent with others who share our passions is essential. We believe in the restorative power of community and in the ideas and inspiration that come from the moments we share with others. We want to share those moments with you, our fellow knitters.

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We're Julie Hoover and Catherine Lowe. We can't wait to knit with you.

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